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Be heard. Promote your music on all major streaming platforms.

Worldwide Distribution

Use our smart platform to get your music distributed globally.

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Scheduled Music Distribution

We provide the highest level of excellence. Additionally we are here to ensure that every detail is taken into account and that your experience will be everything you should expect from a distribution company. Your music is our priority and all concerns  are of the highest importance and handled in a timely manner. 

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Streaming on all major platforms.

Get your music streamed now on all major platforms and many other services. Why go anywhere else?

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Exceptional Services

Our flexible services allow us to adapt quickly to your changing needs to ensure the success of your campaigns.

Standard package

  • Unlimited Worldwide Distribution
  • Real-time analytics
  • Individual Artist Portals
  • Video Distribution
  • Unlimited Uploads
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Gold member package

  • Lifetime Membership
  • Everything from Standard Package
  • Unlimited Worldwide Lifetime Distribution
  • Full Distribution Staff Support
  • Industry Resources Available
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Platinum Business Package

  • Lifetime Membership
  • Everything from Gold Member package +
  • Marketing Support
  • Music Placements
  • Sync Opportunities
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Label Deal package

  • Lifetime Membership
  • Everything from Platinum Business package +
  • Supports up to 10 artists
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Individual Artist Portals
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What artists are saying about SONIC DISTRIBUTION.

As an independent artist I’ve used many distro companies and pretty much they were all the same. But here at Sonic I feel they really believe in helping independent artists like myself. Working with the other distro companies I realized they were more concerned with annual fees and getting me to pay for every upload rather than helping me get my numbers up. It never added up right but now I get live up to date analytics and I can actually see when and where my streams are coming from which helps me focus my marketing and advertising where I’m receiving the most love …. I appreciate everything they’ve done for me !!!!! SONIC

– Gorgeous George (GGPG) –

When they say “ Making streams come true” That’s exactly what they mean. I’m not gonna mention the name but I was with another distribution company for over 2 years and spent a lot of money because I drop a lot  of music and not once did they personally  reach out to me, but after my first release at Sonic they reached out to me and with their help I landed my first sync deal. Now instead of having to pay every time I feel like dropping a song I can upload as many songs as I want and build my catalogue. If Sonic had been around two years ago they could’ve saved me a lot of money.

– TMO Filthy –

I love music and it has always been my dream to make music so other people can hear it. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep when my dad told me in 3 days my song was going to be all over the world !!! All my friends came up to me playing my song …Zoom Zoom Zoom Zooom
All thanks to Sonic

– Playboi Tokyo –

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